External Auditors Assessment Policy

External Auditors play a vital role in the process of accountability for shareholders and the effective functioning of the capital market by the provision of consistent and reliable financial reporting. The Board and the Audit Committee (“AC”) of Freight Management Holdings Berhad are committed to ensuring the suitability and independence of External Auditors in substance as well as in form.

Management shall obtain assurance from the External Auditors confirming that they are, and have been, independent throughout the conduct of the audit engagement in accordance with the terms of all relevant professional and regulatory requirements.

Both the Internal and External Auditors of the Company provide integral support for the AC which was established by the Board, among others, to assist in its oversight function of the Company's financial reporting. As such, in relation to the External Auditors, the AC, as a measure for ensuring financial statements are a reliable source of information, has to ensure the suitability and independence of its External Auditors.

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