Whistleblower Policy

This policy addresses Freight Management Holdings Bhd's (the "Company") commitment to integrity and ethical behaviour by providing an environment where employees can act appropriately without fear of retaliation. The Company encourages its employees who have concerns about suspected serious misconduct or any breach or suspected breach of law, rule or regulations governing the Company and its subsidiaries operations that may adversely impact the Company to come forward and report on their concerns without fear of punishment or unfair treatment.

The Company conducts its business based on the principles of fairness, honesty, professionalism, integrity and respect. It is the Company's policy to support and encourage its employees to report and disclose any incident of fraud, theft, misconduct, corruption, improper or illegal activities and to fully investigate such reports and disclosures.

The Company will address any complaints that allege acts or attempted acts of interference, reprisal, retaliation, threats, coercion, harassments or intimidation against any employees (the "whistleblowers") who report, disclose or investigate improper or illegal activities and to protect the whistleblowers who come forward to report such activities. Any employee found harassing or retaliating against a genuine whistleblower will be treated as acting in gross misconduct and if proven, may lead to termination. The Company assures that all reports will be treated in the utmost confidentiality and will promptly investigate reports made anonymously, if desired.

Employees are encouraged to use the guidance provided in this policy for reporting all allegations of suspected misconduct or improper activities. This policy however DOES NOT apply to or change the Company's policies and procedures for individual employees grievances or complaints relating to job performance, terms and conditions of employment, which will continue to be administered under the Company's employee handbook.

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